Sample Brand Questionnaire

May 31, 2011

Sample Brand Questionnaire Sample:

Name of the firm:                       ____________________

Headquarters of the firm:             ____________________

Phone Number:   ____________________

Email id:            ____________________

Q1. What products or services does your firm provide?


Q2. What is the current phase of your company?

a)   Introduction

b)   Growth

c)   Stagnation

d)   Decline

e)   Differs depending on the type of product

Q3. What is the flagship product or service of your company?


Q4. How did you position the brand of the flagship product in the minds of the public?


Q5. What is the market share of this product?

a)   Less than 5%

b)   Between 5-30%

c)   Between 30-70%

d)   More than 70%

Q6. Do you think your customers are loyal to you?

a)   Yes, most of them

b)   No. They are just one-time buyers

c)   Few are loyal

Q7. Have you conducted a customer satisfaction survey of your products among your customers?


Q8. What is your target class?

a)   Upper class

b)   Upper middle class and above

c)   Lower middle class and above

d)   Lower class

Q9. What is your current market?

a)   Urban people

b)   Semi urban people

c)   Rural people

d)   Other ____________________________________

Q10. Why do you think you have loyal customers?


Q11. If you have administered a customer satisfaction survey, have you made any product or service changes?

a)   Yes

b)   No

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