Business Questionnaire Examples

June 2, 2011

The following questions are going to be used to determine whether governments or the private sector should control utility companies. Answer the questions as honestly as you can.

Do you like the way in which the government runs its business?


Please rate the following government run projects according to the key provided:

5- Excellent, 4- good, 3- average, 2- poor, 1- unsatisfactory.

Road construction and repair: __________________

Power generation and supply: ___________________

Water supply: ___________________

Transport: ___________________________

Education: _______________

Do you think that government is better equipped to run a utility company more efficiently than the private sector would?




Do you think that competition in the private sector would improve the way in which government companies are run?


Give your reason?


What do you think of the current condition of government-run corporations?

Excellent: ___________

Good: _____________

Average: _____________

Poor: _______________

Very poor: _____________

Any other comments


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