Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

June 7, 2011

Name of customer: ______________

Date: _______________________

Is this your first time dining at this restaurant?


If not, when is the last time you dined at this restaurant?


How did you find out about this restaurant?

Friends: ___________________

Family: _____________________________

Other (please specify): ______________________

How would you rate the general welcome into the restaurant?

For the following couple of questions answer with Excellent, Good, Average, Poor or Very Poor


How would you rate the general ambience, design and feel of the restaurant?


How would you rate the quality, variety and taste of the food?


How would you describe the general service given by the staff?


How would you rate the general prices of the food?

Expensive: ______________________

Fairly priced: _______________

Download Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire in Word Format


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