Character Education Questionnaire

June 8, 2011

ABC institute of character building has taken up a step to evaluate 1000 people of different walks of life through the following questionnaire. Please answer the following:

  1. Name:
  1. Age:
  1. Occupation:
  1. Gender:
  1. Which of the following qualities describes you the best:

a) Hard working    b) honest     c) disciplined   d) sincere

  1. Do you like to be a) surrounded by a lot of people or b) prefer being left alone?

a)       Or        b)      (tick the appropriate choice)

7.   Do you have both male and female friends?

a) Yes      b) no

8.   Do you take part in co curricular activities?

a) Yes      b) no

  1. Are you a team person?

a) Yes       b) no

  1. Do you take your defeat in a positive stride?

a) Yes       b) no

  1. Do you help/respect the elderly in case of need?

a) Yes         b) no      c) sometimes

12.  How often do you lie to escape from a situation?

a) Never     b) sometimes     c) often     d) always

  1. Do you follow rules and regulations:

a) Yes     b) no     c) sometimes

  1. What changes would you like to see in your overall personality?

Download Sample Character Education Questionnaire in Word Format

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