Education Questionnaire Sample

June 8, 2011

ABC  institute of educational services is conducting a survey which includes the following questionnaire. Please fill he questions precisely to help us make necessary changes in the educational system-

  1. Name:
  1. Age:
  1. Name of School/college:
  1. City:
  1. Gender:
  1. Address:
  1. I really want to do well in school/college:

a) Agree    b) Disagree

8.   My friends aren’t really interested in school/college:

a) Agree    b) Disagree

9.   I often discuss my school/college work with members of my family:

a) Agree    b) Disagree

10.  When do you plan to leave education completely?

a) During school   b) after school    c) after graduation   d) after higher studies

11.   I feel I know enough about my aim to help me go for graduation?

a) Agree    b) Disagree

12.   Describe your ambition in one line:

13.  Do you think education helps in building personality on an overall basis?

a) Yes       b) No

14.   Do you understand what is taught in your school/college?

a) Yes       b) No

Thanks for filling the form. It shall be of great help.

Download Sample Education Questionnaire Sample in Word Format

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