Educational Questionnaire Example

June 8, 2011

This questionnaire is created by XYZ computer educational system board. We are an organization dedicated in providing computer education to all age groups. Please help us in evaluating the awareness and need of computers in this era by filling in the following:

  1. Name:
  1. age:
  1. Name of institute/college/school:
  1. Do you own a computer system/laptop:

a) Yes      b) No

5.   If yes, since how long?

6.   Do you think computers have made life simpler?

a) Yes      b) No

7.   For what task do you mostly use the computer for?

a) Official      b) networking    c) playing games     d) other (please specify)

8.   Do you think that computer education is important in schools?

a) Yes      b) No

9.   Computers provide motivation for students to learn?

a) Yes      b) No

10.   Are you aware about the computer softwares that can make work easier?

a) Yes      b) No

11.   Do you agree that computers are responsible for dehumanizing teaching?

a) Yes      b) No

12.   Do you agree that online teaching is as affective as classroom teaching?

a) Yes      b) No

Thanks for taking out time to fill the questionnaire. It shall help us to take effective steps to improve the computer education.

Download Sample Educational Questionnaire Example in Word Format

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