Immigration Questionnaire

June 8, 2011

Name:               _____________

Date of birth:             _______/________/________       Gender:          _____________

mm               dd    yyyy
Present Address:


Permanent address in your home country:


  1. You are a)married       b)divorced  c)single
  2. Is your present spouse a citizen of this country?
  3. Do you have children? Give details regarding their age, gender and citizenship. In case of minors please mention who is holding their current custody?
  4. What is the place and date of your last entry to this country?
  5. Do you have relatives who are citizens of this country?
  6. What is you educational level? What are the degrees you hold and from which institutions? Give details.
  7. What is your and your spouse’s (in case you are married) current occupation?
  8. Furnish details of each of the employers whom you have worked for in the past five years.
  9. Furnish details of each of the address that you have lived during the last five years.
  10. Have you ever been held for committing any crime? Were you acquitted by the court?
  11. Please enlist all the organization that you and your spouse have been member of.
  12. What is the primary reason that you want to become a citizen of this country?
  13. Did you ever suffer from any communicable disease? If yes then please give the details.

Download Sample Class Reunion Questionnaire in Word Format


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