Online Education Questionnaire

June 8, 2011

  1. Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Name of online program:
  4. Name of university:
  5. First Language:
  6. Years of graduation study:
  7. Number of online courses taken:
  8. Number of hours I spend per day online on educational purpose:
  9. I am easily able to access the internet as needed for my studies:

a) Yes   b) No

10.  I am comfortable communicating online:

a) Yes   b) No

11.  I am comfortable with written communication:

a) Yes   b) No

12.  I possess enough computer keyboarding skills for doing the online work:

a) Yes   b) No     c) Somewhat

13.  I feel comfortable communicating online in English:

a) Yes   b) No   c) To some extent

14.   I possess a webcam for video conferencing:

a) Yes        b) No

15.   Learning is same in class and at home through the internet:

a) Agree   b) Disagree

16.   I feel face to face contact with the instructor is necessary for learning:

a) Yes   b) No

17.  As a student, I like to work in group activities:

a) Yes   b) No

Thanks for filling the form completely. On the basis of your answers, we shall return to you with the evaluation results in a week’s time. Please fill in your address and phone number:



Download Sample Online Education Questionnaire in Word Format

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