Sex Education Questionnaire

June 8, 2011

  1. Name:
  1. Gender:
  1. Age:
  1. Have you ever been diagnosed of any STD? Yes or No
  1. Do you know the name of the most wide spread STD, if yes, name it:
  1. The oral contraceptive pill can be the cause of abortion. Yes or no?
  1. If you had an STD, would you be able to know about it from the symptoms?
  1. Virgins cannot get STDs. True or false?
  1. Do you think that using condoms during sex provide 100% protection?
  1. The oral contraceptive pills increases the rate of breast cancer. True or false?
  1. Cervical cancer can be prevented by use of injections now. True or false?
  1. Oral sex can cause STDs. true or false?
  1. Did you get education on sex in school?
  1. If not, then where?
  1. Do you think you have enough knowledge about sexual diseases and their causes so as to avoid being infected by them?
  1. Would you feel free to discuss and educate your children about sex?
  1. Is there is any information that you would like to get about sex?

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