Competency Questionnaire

June 9, 2011

Employee Name: ___________________________________________________________

Group:                       ___________________________________________________________

Based on your experience write the number against the following questions corresponding to

1- If the employee needs improvement

2 – If he meets expectations

3 -If he exceeds expectations

4 -If he is outstanding

  1. Does the employee welcome challenging assignments?
  2. Does he/she express his feelings properly?
  3. Is he/she in control of her emotions and can understand the effect of her contribution to his/her team?
  4. Is he/she aware about his strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Is the employee able to manage negative emotions and feelings? Is he/she found complaining about his job to others?
  6. Does he/she admit his mistakes and faults?
  7. Is he/she punctual about his/her assignment, attendance and deadlines?
  8. Is he/she cooperative with his/her colleagues and views them positively?
  9. Is he/she accommodative when it comes to new ideas and proposals even if it opposes his/her own.
  10. Is the employee capable of grasping others’ perspective easily?
  11. Can he/she be called a good and attentive listener?
  12. How would you appreciate his learning skills? Is he/she a fast learner?
  13. Does he/she have a tendency to learn new technologies and methods that will improve his career and work?
  14. Does he/she share a cordial relationship with team mates and manager?

Download Sample Competency Questionnaire in Word Format

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