Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire

June 9, 2011

For each of the statements below state whether you

Strongly disagree


Agree or

Strongly agree

I understand the long term strategy of the company _________________

I can share my opinions and suggestions in this organization ___________

My supervisor has strong human relations _________________________

I like the work I do ______________

The communication channels in this organization are effective and accurate _______________

All departments in this organization co-operate ____________________

My accomplishments and good work are recognized by the organization ________________

I set goals and objectives when performing tasks allocated to me ________________

Your job is very important to you _________________________

You have job security in this organization __________________________________

Training and development provided in this organization is valuable ____________

I have enough freedom and authority to carry out my job tasks ____________

I am satisfied with the spirit of cooperation in the organization ______________

You have good relations with your immediate supervisor ___________________

Employees in this organization are treated well and respected ________________

You are satisfied with your pay package __________________

What other benefits would you like to be added to your pay? ______________________________________________________________

What more can the company do to increase your satisfaction as an employee? _______________

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