Sample Employee Questionnaire

June 9, 2011

* Strongly Agree

* Disagree

* Agree

* Strongly Agree

Communication strategies used in this organization are clear and consistent _____

Employees are given the chance to offer their feedback to management officials ___

There is regular and clear communication to employees by senior management ____

Satisfaction of employees in this organization is monitored efficiently ____

Employees in this organization are encouraged to share ideas as well as suggestions ___

Job skills training programs are provided by this organization ___

Team work is efficiently carried out ____

There is no favoritism or biases against employees ___

There are good interpersonal relationships within the office _______

Employees have easy access to their managers or supervisors ____

The organization practices high standards of professionalism _____

Career development services are offered to employees in this organization ___

Family support and welfare services provided to employees in this organization are efficient and adequate ___

Employees are accorded sufficient time off work ___

What do you like most about this organization?


What would you like to see changed in this organization


Make suggestions for the improvement of the organization in general


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