Training Evaluation Questionnaire

June 9, 2011

Name of the Trainee;   ___________________________________________________________

Name of course: ___________________________________________________________

Name of the instructor:        _____________________________________________________

  1. Course Material

How would you rate the following in a scale from 1 to 10?

a) Overall course material:           ____________________

b) Clarity of objectives:                ____________________

c) Explanation and contents:         ____________________

c) Presentation and Comprehension:      ____________________

Any other comment: ______________________________________________________


  1. Instructor

a)    Were all of the topics covered by your instructor?  ___________________________

b)    Were the instructions clear?                     _____________________________

c)     Did you find your classes interesting?        _____________________________

d)    Did your instructor answered your queries   _____________________________

to your satisfaction?

Your comments ______________________

  1. Skills acquisition and Knowledge gain

a)    Does this course meet your expectations?  ______________________________

b)    Is it relevant to your business?                 ______________________________

c)     Would you recommend this course to others?    ______________________________

Your remarks: ________________

  1. Facilities and Infrastructure.

a)    The infrastructure were well maintained and easily accessible(yes/no)


b)    The devices and equipments(projectors/computers etc) were functional


  1. Your overall comments and suggestion


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