Assouline Fashion Questionnaire

June 10, 2011

Name of the Participant: _______________

Age: ________________________________

Date of Participation: _________________

  1. Mention the name of five leading brand in which you like to invest your money:


2     Which of the following mentioned is your preference, if you have a limited budget

  • I would like to buy a watch
  • I would like to invest money in branded jeans
  • Like to visit leading parlour
  • Like to buy a pair of shoes
  • Others, please specify: _______________

3     What is your favourite style?

  • Urban
  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Trendy
  • Others, please mention: ____________________

4     Do you read fashion articles and books published by leading fashion houses?

  • Yes. I often do
  • Sometimes
  • Not much
  • No

5     Is your fashion sense influenced by your culture?

  • Yes. A lot
  • Somewhat Yes
  • No

6     Do you think that beauty with mind is the excellent combination to pamper yourself with ultimate designer clothes?

  • Yes. Absolutely
  • Not necessary
  • No

7     According to you, which of the following factor is the most important one for a stylish looks

  • Designer Attire
  • Branded Shoes
  • Exclusive Jewellery
  • Expensive Watches

8     Kindly give us a chance to know more about yourself? Please write a few lines about your style and fashion sense:


Download Assouline Fashion Questionnaire in Word Format

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