HR Questionnaire Examples

June 14, 2011

A human resource questionnaire is used before a person seeking employment in an organization can be short listed for an interview. The questionnaire is designed to gauge the applicant’s attitudes, temperament, skills and personality traits.  The questionnaire is usually a mixture of open ended and close-ended questions since the employer intends to get as much background information about the applicant as possible. Most such questionnaires contain a section where a person provides his/her identification or introductory details, and a different section where one summarizes his/her knowledge in relation to the job he/she is seeking. The questions are usually free of biases and ambiguities.


Name______________________________ DOB_______________________

Position applying for___________________________

Education details______________________________

1) Why should we consider you for the above applied position?


2) State the competencies that you have in relation to the above stated job position


3) Why apply for this job in this organization?


4) Do you have previous work experience in a similar job position?


If yes, state where and when______________________________________

5) Do you possess other abilities or skills that would advance your ability to work in the position applied for?


If yes, list them_______________________

6) List some of the achievements you have had in your working life and explain why they were important to your employer


7) What are some of the changes you would make in the corporate culture in the country today and why do you think it is important?


Summarize your skills, expertise and achievements below


9) What is your expected remuneration?


10) Why should this organization hire you?


Download Sample HR Questionnaire in Word Format

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