Project Management Survey Questioonaire

July 9, 2011

These questions are designed to gather your feedback on management of projects within our department.

1.    Thinking about projects you have been assigned during the last six months, please indicate how often the following occur when you are assigned a project.
Never     Rarely     Sometimes     Often     Always     N/A

  • I understand why the project is needed
  • A clear timeline is set from the outset
  • I am given enough direction to successfully complete the project
  • My project manager is available on a timely basis to address questions about the project
  • Project milestones are established to track progress
  • I am given feedback about my performance on the project
  • I know what the outcome of the project was
  • Projects get delayed by unforeseen problems

2.    Please elaborate on what problems or issues you have encountered in relation to project management in our department.
…………………………………………….   .

These questions are designed to help gage satisfaction with our workplace.

3.    Please indicate the extent to which you agree of disagree with the following questions.
Strongly Disagree    Disagree    Somewhat Disagree    Neither Agree or Disagree    Somewhat Agree    Agree    Strongly Agree
I like coming to work in the morning

  • I like the people I work with
  • I am treated with respect by my colleagues
  • I am treated with respect by my manager
  • I am compensated fairly for my work
  • I enjoy the projects I work on
  • I feel like I am a part of a team
  • The future direction of our group is clear
  • Our department has improved over the last year
  • Our company has improved over the last year
  • I have a good understanding of my department’s mission
  • My department is well run

4.    What would you like to see happen to improve your satisfaction with working in this department?
…………………………………………………. .

5.     How well do you feel we are currently executing the following parts of our mission?

  •     Very poorly    Poorly    Neither poorly nor well    Well    Very Well
  • We support district leadership in making informed decisions by compiling, analyzing and synthesizing data.
  • We summarize, compile and analyze appropriate data to inform decisions, highlight key policy issues, and address the concerns of senior district leadership.
  • We think and act strategically around turning data into actionable information.
  • We analyze data in context and communicate our results effectively.

6.    How well do we currently demonstrate the following values?
Very poorly    Poorly    Neither well nor poorly    Well    Very well

  • Productive, efficient investment of the time of our limited staff resources
  • Quality, carefully reviewed work product
  • Thoughtful analysis and a strategic approach to problem solving
  • Innovative thinking and collaboration

7.    How important do you think the following department goals are for us to be successful?
Complete B.S.    Not very important    Somewhat important    Fairly important    Very important

  • Build a team with the skills and drive necessary to implement the new vision for our department through strategic hiring, professional development and performance management
  • Carefully analyzing the reporting we produce and adjusting our future plans to make the best use of investments
  • Focusing data governance efforts on data accuracy and consistency
  • Make more of our existing data by engaging in more thoughtful analysis
  • Develop and implement a more sophisticated communications plan to ensure that interested parties throughout are aware of the data resources available

8.    Are there areas of your work that are not reflected in these goals? Please elaborate.
…………………………………………………..  .

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