Job Stress Questionnaire

June 16, 2011

A job stress questionnaire is primarily structured to evaluate a worker’s problems in the work space. These types of questionnaires help to find out the stress level of employees at workplace. With the help of these questionnaires the employers can find out the areas where improvement is needed so as to relieve the job stress.

Sample Job Stress Questionnaire

Name: __________________

Designation: _____________

E-mail: _________________

Q1: What would you consider the most stressful aspect of your work?

a)   Narrow deadlines

b)   Unsupportive employer

c)   Uncooperative colleagues

d)   Unreasonable hours of work

e)   Any other (please specify)


Q2: Do you get the scope of explaining your angst to your employer?

a)   Yes, frequently

b)   Sometimes

c)   Never

Q3: Would you consider your stress factors to be particular to you or shared by your colleagues?


Q4: Do you believe that these stress factors are adversely affecting your work?

a)   Yes, to a large extent

b)   No, stress is an inevitable concomitant of work

Q5: Is your work pressure creating differences in your family life? Does your spouse understand and support you with regards to your work troubles?


Q6: Do you think that these stress areas may force you to rethink about continuing your present job?


Q7: Do you think that there is a connection between your job stress and the following?

a)   Increased responsibility

b)   Higher designation

c)   Promotions

d)   Increased salary

e)   All of the above

f)    None of the above

Q8: Would you consider technical glitches as adding to your stress?


Q9: Do you think enough has been done to address these issues in your work space?


Download Job Stress Questionnaire in Word Format

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