Love Questionnaire Template

June 17, 2011

The love questionnaire template can be used as an example of a form of such a document.  It should enable you to come up with your ownquestionnaire that is dealing with the topic of love.  When there are issues of love in a marriage or a romantic relationship then a good way of carrying out a survey is to use a credible questionnaire.  A good questionnaire with a well designed form will help you gather important information.  There are many templates which can be used as guides to help you come up with a love questionnaire of your own.

Your name: ____________________________________

Occupation: ____________________________________

Relationship status: ______________________________

Economic status: ________________________________

Location: ______________________________________

Age group: _____________________________________

Please describe your idea of a love relationship:


How would you define true love?

Please rate the following qualities which you think are important in a partner using the numbers from 1- 5 with 1 being least important and 5 being most important.

Attractiveness: ____________________________________

Physical body: ____________________________________

Physical appearance: _______________________________

Personality: ______________________________________

Character: ________________________________________

Occupation: _______________________________________

Educational level: __________________________________

Race: ____________________________________________

Nationality: _______________________________________

Goals: ___________________________________________

Ambitions: ________________________________________

Religion: _________________________________________

Political views: ____________________________________

Describe the type of relationship you are looking for:


Describe some of the issues you would be unwilling to compromise on:


Describe some of your beliefs:


Describe some of your political views:

Describe some of your interests:


Describe some of your strengths:

Describe some of your weaknesses:


Give any additional comments:


Download Distant Love Questionnaire in Word Format

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