Equal Pay Questionnaire

June 17, 2011

Equal Pay Questionnaire is a questionnaire that a Company with numerous employees on its payroll gives to its employees to ascertain their attitude on equal-pay. The Company can use this questionnaire as the data to make decision about equal pay. Every employee is given this questionnaire to be filled out and returned. It is treated as ‘confidential’ as no employee details are to be mentioned on the questionnaire.

Equal Pay Questionnaire Sample

  1. Do you support the concept of equal pay for equal work (even for those with better experience?) Elaborate on your opinion.


  1. Would you be willing to accept lesser pay (even in a higher career position) because that is what is being offered to most employees although your experience is better than them? Support your answer.


  1. If an organization strictly follows the concept of “equal pay”, then what would be the best way to fairly remunerate (in other ways) employees with experience, with higher grades and with certified skills, etc?


  1. Do you think that equal pay in every individual’s case can be revised often to match an employee’s performance on the job?


5.     Would you resort to unionism and concerted action against the company to achieve equal pay across all levels in the organization?


6.     If you were to understand that equal pay is not consistent with the company’s practices or policy, would you still insist on it being extended to all the staff?


  1. If the company is continuously unable to offer equal pay, then would you see it as reason enough to quit your job?


8.     Would you be moved to scale-down your own pay package in order to satisfy the requirement of equal pay?


9.     Alternatively, if the company were to increase the pay packages of other         employees while leaving your own stagnant to achieve equal pay, would you         protest against it?


10.    If the company decides to convene a body of staff and management to prepare a         plan for equal pay, would you volunteer to be on it?


Download Equal Pay Questionnaire in Word Format

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