Importance of Questionnaire Questions

June 23, 2011

It is undeniable that the importance of questionnaire questions has several facets. The questions of any questionnaire are prepared with variegated objectives and targeted at different focus groups. Few of the immediate factors for the importance of questionnaire questions are –
•    Able to gather information in a streamlined manner
•    Helpful to concentrate on a sample size of the population to be studied
•    Help in interacting with the respondents in a more cohesive manner
The importance of the questionnaire questions can be viewed from two broad perspectives –
•    The questions of self-administered questionnaire
•    The questions of interview-administered questionnaire
For self-administered questionnaire, the questions are meant to extract valuable information for the purpose of qualitative or quantitative research. They form the basis of the data that are analyzed at later stages to reach at concrete solutions to the research queries and frame relevant recommendations for the maintenance/avoidance/improvement of a particular situation/event.
The interview-administered questionnaire questions aim at gauging the capacity of the participant in performing a particular job. The importance of the questions lies in the fact that fundamental concepts of the participant’s knowledge of a specific stream are reviewed. Furthermore, the psychologies of the respondents are assessed by which their mental strength to cope with the responsibilities and tackling impending challenges of the work are estimated.
There are other important functions of questionnaire questions, like supporting the framework of the research with insight. The questions are also helpful in extending the scope of the research to various interlinking fields with good prospects.

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