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June 21, 2011

An online personality questionnaire consists of a set of questions which are usually formulated with the aim of revealing details about the person who answers them. In most cases, the questions are usually closed ended with multiple choices. Depending on the answers given, the online personality questionnaire helps one to determine the character traits of the respondent.

As the name suggests, the questionnaire can be found online and in most cases it is free. Some of them are timed while others are not.

Below is a sample online personality questionnaire. Use it to help you come up with a similar questionnaire.

Sample Online Personality Questionnaire

Male __     Female __

Age ________________

Ethnicity _____________

Marital status __________

Following are statements that describe you. Click on the option you feel best rates your agreement with each statement

1.You are talkative


For the following questions choose any of the options below:

Strongly agree



Strongly Disagree

2.You are creative_________________________________

3.You can deal with stress well_______________________________

4.You easily start fights with others_______________________________

5.You are moody most of the time_______________________________

6.You enjoy hanging out with friends_______________________________

7.You get distracted easily_________________________________

8.You have great interest in music, art and literature_________________________________

9.You make friends easily_______________________________

  1. You always do a thoroughjob______________________________

Download Online Personality Questionnaire in word format


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