Online Career Questionnaire

June 21, 2011

An online career questionnaire is written to find out whether an individual’s values, personalities as well as abilities match up to the career he/she intends to take or is already taking. The set of questions are mostly close ended. Individuals can use an online career questionnaire to asses their abilities. The questionnaire also helps one to establish their strengths and weaknesses based on personal qualities, knowledge and skills. It usually takes a short time to complete the online career questionnaire.

Individuals can complete an online career questionnaire as illustrated below. See the sample below.

Sample Online Career Questionnaire

1.What is your current occupation?


2.What is your highest level of education?


Click on the option that best rates your agreement with the statements. Choose:

Strongly agree



Strongly Disagree

3.It takes a long time before you can make a decision


4.You are a team player


5.You can easily assign work to others


6.You can pass information to others effectively


7.You are good at persuading people


8.You can operate computers and other office equipment well


9.You are willing to travel in order to carry out your work assignments


  1. Which one of the following work environments would you prefer more?

Field work

Desk work

Combination of desk and field work


Download Online Career Questionnaire in word format


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