Personality Questionnaire for jobs

June 21, 2011

A personality questionnaire for job, as the name depicts, is an effective method to measure the personality facts of an individual for a particular job. In such a questionnaire, every candidate has to fill the form by answering the simple questions based on personality. After recording the feedback, an organization and a department can initiate the selection process for an offered job
Sample Personality Questionnaire for jobs:
Name: __________________
Age: ____________________
Name & Designation of the previous organization: _______________
Designation applied for: _____________________________________
Date: ____/____/____
Q1: Which of the following defines your personality more closely?
•    Tough- mildness
•    Extrovert
•    Anxiety
•    Impulsive
•    Empathy
Q2: Did you ever encounter any kind of official disputes associated with your personality and behaviour? If yes, talk about the matter?______________________
Q3: How different personality you are in office than at home? ____________________
Q4: How do you rate yourself on personality scale?
•    Very Efficient
•    Hard working
•    Coordinating
•    Understanding
•    Average
Q5: What is the strongest point of your personality which can prove beneficial for our organization?______________
Q6: Which of the following can defines the interest of your personality for this job?
•    Leadership qualities
•    Active in defining and implementation policies
•    Appropriate for handling customers
•    Effective in testing
Q7:  What do you think about word” Workaholic”? What are the advantages of such a personality?______________
Q8: Do you think you have enough patience to deal with this job?
•    Yes
•    No
•    Not sure
Q9:  Would you like to tell us more about the compatibility between your personality and the offered job?________________

Download Personality Questionnaire for jobs in Word Format

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