Personality Questionnaire Questions

June 21, 2011

Personality questionnaire questions are formulated to help in the assessment of an individual’s personality. The questions tend to probe into ones physiological and genetic traits portrayed by their temperament. Individuals can choose to answer the questions individually or a psychiatrist may encourage one to answer the questions.

Personality questionnaire questions can be accessed online. They can also be found on paper depending on who is administering the questionnaire.

Below is a sample personality questionnaire questions.

Sample Personality Questionnaire Questions

Age _______________


Female _____________   Male _______________

Occupation _______________________________

Location _________________________________

Marital status _____________________________

You would describe yourself as someone who. Choose:

Strongly agree



Strongly Disagree

1.Likes to help other people


2.Gets angry easily


3.Makes mistakes sometimes


4.Co-operates with others


5.Gets along with other people easily


6.Likes making new friends


7.Is always called in to resolve conflicts


8.Is always coming up with new ideas


9.Do you have a diverse circle of friends



  1. Do you enjoy taking up leadership roles? (Yes or No)


  1. Do you like organizing things? (Yes or No)


  1. Do you enjoy outdoor activities? (Yes or No)


  1. Describe in order of importance the activities you enjoy doing in your free time


Download Personality Questionnaire Questions in word format




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