Personality Questionnaire Test

June 21, 2011

A personality questionnaire test is specially aimed at finding out the character traits that could be used to describe an individual’s personality. The test is normally guided by the five vital dimensions of personality as considered by psychologists. Results from the personality questionnaire test can be applied in scientific research. While no answer is considered right or wrong, respondents are encouraged to answer the questions accurately. It can be found online. Results of the test are usually received a short while after the answers have been submitted.

Below is a sample personality questionnaire test to help you write your own personality questionnaire test. You can find more information by reading similar questionnaires on the Internet.

Sample Personality Questionnaire Test


Male ___________ Female _________________

Age _________________________

Occupation ___________________

Please click on the option that best rates your agreement with the statements below. Choose:

Strongly agree



Strongly Disagree

1.You consider yourself outgoing


2.You can be careless


3.You are short tempered


4.You always probe into situations new to you


5.You are a deep thinker


6.You worry a lot


7.Most people would describe you as trustworthy


8.You are more of a leader than a follower


9.You are always rude to others


  1. You are a good listener


Download Personality Questionnaire Test in word format


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