Survey Questionnaire Design

June 23, 2011

The purpose of carrying out a survey is to find out particular information from certain research questions set in a questionnaire and given out to a chosen sample population.  The design of the questionnaire affects the responses that you shall get and so it needs to be well designed.  The aim and purpose of the survey need t o be well thought out and brought out in the questionnaire.  The design and form of the questionnaireshould adequately bring out the research questions of the survey.  The design of the questionnaire should make it interesting and easy to respond to.

Date survey carried out:            From: __________________              To: ______________

Number of the population involved in the survey: _______________________________

Number of the sample population: ___________________________________________

Age bracket of the sample population: ________________________________________

Employment status of the sample population: ___________________________________

Relationship status of the sample population: ___________________________________

Location of the sample population: ___________________________________________

The aim of the survey:


The purpose of the survey:


The goals of the survey:

________________________________________________________________________The problem statement of the survey:


The hypothesis of the survey:


Describe the type of questions used:


Number of questionnaires returned: __________________________________________

Number of useful questionnaires: ____________________________________________

Describe the results of the survey:


Describe the responses given in the questionnaires:


Describe the goals achieved by the survey:


Describe the goals not achieved by the survey:


Describe the setbacks of the survey:


Describe the recommendations of the survey:


Additional comments of the comments:


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