Motivation Research Questionnaire

June 24, 2011

A motivational research questionnaire is used as an innovative tool to estimate the various traits and factors that helps to motivate an individual. Such a questionnaire is very helpful for the corporate sector in order to imply the new motivational techniques to obtain the maximum profits from employees. Nevertheless, the motivated employees equally avail the good growth opportunities in terms of money and promotion.
Sample Motivation Research Questionnaire:
Name of the researcher: _______________
Department: _________________________
Date: ___/___/___
Q1. What do you understand by “Motivation”? Please describe in one line:
Q2. Choose the type of the motivation required in the employees?
• Intrinsic motivation
• Extrinsic motivation
Q3. Why motivation is so important for an organization?
Q4. According to you, which of the following factors plays an essential role in motivating an employee?
• Psychological determination
• Competition factor
• Stimulation of investing efforts
• Others, please mention: _______________
Q5. What outcome is expected from the motivated employees?
• Self control and creativity
• Good organizational growth
• Accomplishment of timely commitments
• Other: ________________________
Q6. What does motivation brings to the employees?
• Career opportunities
• Good compensations & rewards
• Recognition and status
• Others: ___________________
Q7. Which of the following attributes revitalize the motivational factor among the employees psychological?
• Supervision
• Good working conditions
• Continues career growth
• Achievements
• Others: ______________
Q8. What role does a motivator play?
• Ignites the dedication among them
• Sharpen their determination
• Psychological strengthen them to perform better
• Others: _______________
Q9. Choose the motivational trait that benefits the employees:
• Job security
• Appreciation for good work
• Good wedges
• Tactful discipline
Q10. Why motivational research is important to introduce the new motivational concepts?

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