Sample Questionnaire Example

June 27, 2011

A sample questionnaire example gives a basic guideline on how to prepare a questionnaire. A questionnaire is used in research for analysis and co-ordination of the findings. It contains a set of questions that have fixed alternatives presented either through multiple options, two options of yes/no or rank scaling. Participants are only required to tick the appropriate answer that best suits their opinion on the issue being studied. They usually have a specific objective. A sample questionnaire example helps researchers to formulate a questionnaire depending on what they are studying.

A sample questionnaire example is illustrated below

Sample Questionnaire Example

Student Name ____________________________________

Course __________________________________________

Date ____________________________________________

Instructor ________________________________________

For the next four questions please answer with a Yes or No.

1.Is this an excellent course?


2.Have you learnt a lot from this course?


3.Was your interest in this course stimulated by the instructor?


4.Is the instructor an excellent teacher?


5.Instructor explained course requirements effectively


6.Learning activities were sufficiently incorporated in the course?


7.Course expectations were clearly communicated?


8.Instructor explained information and clearly


9.How does the instructor relate with the students?


List the teaching technology used by the instructor


What would you like changed about the instructor’s teaching approach?


Are the physical facilities for this course appropriate?

  1. If no explain why?


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