Social Identity Questionnaire

June 27, 2011

It is important for individuals to know their social identity. Social identity questionnaire is a tool used to help individuals describe a personal conception. It is also an expression of their individuality or group affiliations. Social identity questionnaire also helps a person improve their self esteem and self image and help the individual to establish good social skills and get well along with others hence improve team work. Below is a sample social identity questionnaire.

Sample Social Identity Questionnaire

Fill out the following details concerning your social identity.

Use this key to rate your answers

1- Excellent

2- good

3- average

4- poor

5- very poor

State how well you get along with other people at your work place, school and any other social gathering that you attend frequently


State your capability to manage teams


Rate your relationship between your team mates


Rate your ability to identify and decipher the feelings of others


Rate your ability to solve problems that involve you and the people who you socialize with


Rate your ability to be attentive to other people’s ideas, suggestions and discussions and making conclusions about them.

Rate your self esteem and self image perception

Rate your ability to recognize and understand your feelings


Do you prefer working as an individual or as a group?


Give reasons for the above answer ___________________________________

Does working in teams help you bolster your self esteem?


Give reasons for your answer in the above question


Download Social Identity Questionnaire in Word Format


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