Asset Stress Questionnaire

June 27, 2011

Asset stress Questionnaire analyses the sources of work pressure on an individual and their possible impacts on their and the organization’s health and well being. The results can be used by firms to discuss and bring about positive changes in the firm. Some firms also use asset stress questionnaires to introduce relevant stress relieving sessions for their employees.
Asset Stress Questionnaire Sample:
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Q1. Describe your relationship with your colleagues
a)   Friendly
b)   Competitive
c)   Mutually supportive
d)   Transferring one’s work to another
Q2. What is your level of seniority in the team?
Q3. How many directs do you have?
a)   None
b)   Less than 3
c)   Between 3 and 6
d)   More than 6
Q4. Is your organization currently undergoing or has recently undergone mergers or acquisitions?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q6. Do you face communication problems at your workplace?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q7. List down the benefits provided by your organization
Q8. Do you have a free and fair appraisal process?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q9. How often do you get increments?
a)   Two times a year
b)   Once a year
c)   Once in two years
d)   It is uncertain and depends upon the financial results of the company
Q10. Your commitment to the job in the last one year has been
a)   Increasing
b)   Declining
c)   Remained the same
d)   Can’t say
Q11. Your health has been impacted by work related stress
a)   More often than not
b)   Never
c)   Always
d)   Rarely
Q12. Does your firm have 24*7 availability of doctors?
a)   Yes
b)   No

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