Compensation Survey Questionnaire

June 28, 2011

Compensation surveys are used to gather information on movements and developments in the labor market. Compensation survey questionnaire is a tool used to gather information that is used as a means for comparison of salaries in an organization. Compensation survey questionnaire is used to gather information such as salary ranges, starting salary, incentives and bonuses available in an organization, allowances and benefits, working hours as well as working conditions. Below is a sample Compensation survey questionnaire


Sample Compensation Survey questionnaire


State how long you have been working in your organization

Less than one year: __________

1- 3years: _________

3- 5 years: _________

5- 9 years: __________

More than 10 years: __________

What is your job description?


Do you believe that your job profile is benchmarked with the same jobs in the industry and market place?


Please give reasons for your response to the above question


How many hours do you work per day?


What was your starting salary?


Does your company offer salary increment?


If your response to the above question was ‘Yes’, please state after how long the increment is made


Describe your organization’s working conditions


State whether your company pays you incentives or bonuses


Give the criteria that is used to offer bonuses and incentives, if any, in the organization you work for


Please state the allowances and benefits that your company offers you


What criteria does your human resource department use to arrive at giving allowances and benefits to employees?


Download Compensation Survey Questionnaire in Word Format


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