Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

June 28, 2011

A customer survey questionnaire is used in corporations or generally in business to gather information from clients regarding the services or products offered. It also helps the entity to find out their good qualities and what they need to improve as far as their products and services are concerned.

This survey questionnaire is usually recommended because it gives first hand information on how their products and services perform in the market from the consumer.

Shown below is a sample of a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

1. How did you find out about our products and services?

Media (television, newspaper, radio)


Word of mouth


2. How often do you use our services/products? (Kindly tick one)





____Very often

3. Which products/services do you find most appealing and satisfactory?


4. (i) On a scale of 1-5 when 1 is very bad and 5 is excellent, how would you rate the

above products/services?

1       2         3        4        5

(ii) Give reasons for your answer


5. (i) Would you recommend our products and services to another person?

Yes             No

(ii) Kindly give a reason for your answer


6. (i) How are the prices of our products and services?




Very expensive

(ii) Give reasons for your answer


7. (i) Are our products readily available?

Yes                 No

(ii) Give reasons for your answer


. What recommendations and improvements, if any, would you suggest?


Download Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire in Word Format

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