Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

June 28, 2011

An employee satisfaction survey questionnaire is designed to record the opinions of employees regarding various aspects of the organization they work for. It is relevant for surveys carried out to find out how satisfied employees are on the job. It presents the job aspects that need to be improved on and ones that are satisfactory.

Organizations also design employee satisfaction survey questionnaire in order to determine their employees’  attitude towards the job. The questionnaire is presented to employees who are the participants in the study.

Below is a sample of an employee satisfaction survey questionnaire

Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

Department _______________________

Position _________________________

Name ___________________________

1. How long have you worked with the organization?

One – two years

Three – five years

More than five years

2. Would you describe your role in the organization as satisfactory?

Yes _____________ No _________________

If No, explain why

________________________________________________________________________3. List three of the top reasons why you like working for this organization

________________________________________________________________________For the statements below indicate which answer best describes how you agree or disagree. Choose either Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree or Strongly Disagree

4. Your salary matches up your job responsibilities


5. Communication within the organization is sufficient


6. The relationship between employees and supervisors is professional


7. The boss treats all employees equally


8. What aspect of the organization would you like to be changed? (Explain in detail)


Download Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire in Word Format


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