Market Research Questionnaire

June 28, 2011

A market research questionnaire has been used effectively over the years to generate data that will be used to compile valuable information. Research helps people gain better information. It is important to get accurate information. A market research questionnaire is used to get information from different people in a fast and efficient way but only if the questionnaire will gather usable information. The market is made up of a group of people and so the information they provide will be vital for anyone doing market research. Below is a market research questionnaire that will help you.

Sample Market Research Questionnaire

The following questions are to help determine the value of computers to society

Are you computer literate? _________________

Have you ever taken any computer lessons? _________________

How many computers do you own? _________________

Where do you mostly use a computer? _________________

Describe what you normally use your computer for? _________________

How long have you been using computers? _________________

Use this key for the following questions

5- Excellent, 4- good, 3- average, 2- poor, 1- very poor

Please rate your typing skills? _________________

Rate your capability in the use of Microsoft Office packages? _________________

Rate the condition of your current computer? _________________

Do you think that computers should be free for everyone? _________________

State your reason? _________________

Do you have access to the internet? _________________

How often do you browse the internet?

Once a week: ___________ 2-5 times: ____________ 5-10 times: _____________

More than 10 times: _____________

Which of the following computers do you prefer?

Desktop: ___________ Laptop: ____________

Download Market Research Questionnaire in Word Format


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