Sample Survey Questionnaire Form

June 28, 2011

sample survey questionnaire form is a set of questions that are set in order to gather much needed information. This information is gathered in the form of surveys in which different people are asked to answer the questions and give there view or opinions in the different subjects.

sample survey questionnaire form is usually written depending on the information that the surveyors wish to know about.

Being that a sample survey questionnaire form is an example; and a surveyor can use the information received from the sample questionnaire to predict the overall outcome of the final and real questionnaire.

Sample Survey Questionnaire Form

This is a sample survey questionnaire form from a Hotel Resort.

  1. How was your stay with us?
    • Fabulous
    • Satisfying
    • Ok
    • Dissatisfying
    • Very Dissatisfying
  1. Would you say that you were satisfied with the services offered here? If not please give a detailed explanation for your reasons._______________________________________
  2. What are your views about the day’s activities organized by our hotel staff?________________________________________
  3. Do you feel that the resort met your expectations? If it did not please give reasons for your answer.____________________________________________
  4. Describe your first impression of the resort.__________________________________________
  5. What changes would you like to see implemented in the resort?__________________________________________
  6. If you could have your way, would you choose top continue staying at this resort?_____________________________________
  7. How did you get to learn of this resort?___________________________________________
  8. How did you find this resort in term of customer service?____________________________________________

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