Travel Questionnaire Template

June 28, 2011

Travel questionnaire templates are sample guides for writing survey forms for use in the travel industry, usually provided by designers on web forums for free or paid download. The questionnaire templates are easy to use because players in the travel industry can easily customize them to fit their survey objectives. The questionnaire template is designed in such a way that answers to the questions contained in the survey form are straightforward and easy to analyze. This is usually made possible by the close-ended questions contained therein. In templates where open-ended questions are used, a character limit is usually offered in order to limit the length of the response.

Travel Questionnaire Template



Contact Information______________________________________

Gender:            ?Male                          ?Female

Country of residence: __________________________________

Destination country: ____________________________________

Please state your reasons of travel (Check one)

?Vacation                    ?Business                     ?Both

When were you last time you travel?

?Less than one year ago

?1-2 years ago

?More than two years ago

Would you like to travel more often? ______________

What is your great restraining factor to constant travel?

The airline costs

Cost of accommodation

Health conditions (specify) ____________________

Family commitments (Specify) _________________

Other (specify) ____________________

(Use YES /NO answers in this section)

Download Travel Questionnaire Template in Word Format


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