Cruise Travel Questionnaire

June 29, 2011

Cruise travel questionnaires are designed to gather information about the satisfaction of the clients who availed the cruise service. From the answers of the clients, a clear idea can be formed about the advantages and shortcomings of this cruise service so that improvement can be done accordingly.
Sample Cruise Travel Questionnaire
Personal Details
Name: _______________________________________________________
Age: ____________________               Gender: Male / Female
Occupation: _______________________
Please answer the following questions.
1.    Is this your first trip on cruise? ____________________________________________
2.    If not, then which cruise have you been on earlier? ____________________________
3.    Which cruise service providers are your personal favourite? ____________________
1.    Where did you first come across this cruise trip? _____________________________
2.    Did anyone recommend it to you? _________________________________________
3.    Are the fares reasonable for you? __________________________________________
4.    How many people are there in your group? __________________________________
5.    How do you like the on board amenities (like food, drinks, lodging) of the cruise? __________________________________________________________________________________________
6.    The other amenities (like swimming pool, club, and gymnasium) were of good quality? ________________________________________
7.    Was the reservation process smooth and speedy for you? _______________________
8.    Was the reservation agent able to answer your questions? ______________________
9.    Was the agent well informed about information on the cruise? ___________________
10.    Was the agent able to clear your doubts? ___________________________________
11.    Was the information provided by the agent on the fares accurate? _______________
12.    In future, would you like to travel with the same cruise company again? ____________________________________________
13.    Would you recommend this cruise service to your family, friends and peers? _______________________________________________
Download Cruise Travel Questionnaire in Word Format

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