Travel to School Questionnaire

June 29, 2011

A travel to school questionnaire is a useful document that can be used during a survey by the school for analysing the travel options of the students. This can be used to improve the travel options of the child and hence take care of their health and safety during travel.
Sample Travel to School questionnaire:
Name of the school/college/university: ______________________________
Name of the child:                       ______________________________
Phone number:                   ______________________________
Email address:                            ______________________________
Address:                            _____________________________________________
Q1. Please mention the number of children you have in each of the following categories
a)   Nursery:            ___________
b)   Primary school:   ___________
c)   Secondary school:       ___________
d)   None
Please proceed if the answer to the above question is not (d).
Q2. How do your children commute to and from school?
a)   By walk
b)   By bicycle
c)   By bus
d)   By train
e)   By car
f)    Other ___________________________
Q3. Please tick the right option that is applicable for your children during travel to school
a)   They travel individually
b)   They travel in a group (of friends)
c)   They travel with us (the parents)
d)   They travel by sharing a vehicle
e)   Other ____________________________________________________________
Q4. What is the distance of the school from the place of stay of the children?
a)   Less than 1 Km
b)   1-3 Km
c)   3-10 Km
d)   More than 10 Km
e)   Don’t know
Q5. What is the time duration of travel to school?
a)   Less than 10 minutes
b)   10-20 minutes
c)   20-50 minutes
d)   50-75 minutes
e)   More than 75 minutes
Q6. How do you find the travel option of the children to school?
a)   It’s the most convenient option
b)   It’s the most cheapest option
c)   It is the only option
d)   It is the most environment friendly option
e)   Other ___________________________

Download Travel to School Questionnaire in Word Format

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