Principles Questionnaire Design

June 23, 2011

Principles questionnaire design is used as guideline when formulating questions that need to be presented in a questionnaire. The principles clearly state that the questions must relate to the objectives of the research. What is more, the questions must be formulated in such a way that the respondents can understand them easily. The principles questionnaire design also gives a guideline as to how the questions need to be formatted so as to ensure that entry errors are minimized greatly. It also gives a guide to ensure that questions do not encourage biased responses.

Below is a sample principles questionnaire design

Sample Principles Questionnaire Design

Name _____________________

Age ______________________

Occupation ________________

Date ______________________

What is your annual income?

Less than $10000

$10000 – $20000

$20,000 – $30000

$30000 – $500000

More than $50000

You have received a salary raise in the past

Three months

Six months

One year


Do you have health benefits?

Yes _____________   No _________________

Do you have pension benefits?

Yes _______________ No _________________

What other benefits do you have? (List below)


Answer the next group of questions with Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree or Strongly Agree

Your salary matches your job responsibilities


Your salary is enough to sustain your family needs


The organization’s pay structure is excellent


Salary raise is determined fairly


You are satisfied with the influence your supervisor has on your pay


The company’s pay policies are consistent


Download Principles Questionnaire Design in Word Format



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