Website User Questionnaire

June 29, 2011

website user questionnaire helps to make a calculative study as to how effective and user-friendly is the website in question. It helps to have the views of the users who often visit the website and also to recognize the problems that they face while surfing that particular website. This helps the website managers to modify the website accordingly.
Sample Website User Questionnaire
Name: ______________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
Phone number: _______________________________________
Email address: ________________________________________
(Please tick in front of the right options wherever provided with choices)
1. How often do you visit the website
a. Twice a day
b. Once a day
c. Once a week
2. What is your purpose to visit the website?
a. Work
b. Interest
c. Other
3. If other, please specify the details ___________________________________
4. Did you find the information you were looking for?
a. Yes
b. No
5. If not, then where did you get lost?
6. Please select the features that you like about this site. (you may choose more than one option)
a. Speed
b. User-friendly
c. Look
d. Navigation
e. Other
7. If other, please specify _____________________________________________________
8. What are the difficulties you encountered during surfing this website?
9. Would you recommend this website to your friends and family to access information and other help?
a. Yes
b. No
10. What are the other features that you would like us to add in our website?
11. Do you visit any other websites for similar information?
a. Yes
b. No
12. If yes, please mention _____________________________________________________
13. Please give your suggestions to improve the website.
Download Website User Questionnaire in Word Format

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