User Interface Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

A user interface questionnaire is very helpful when a firm wants to take the opinion and feedback of the user before sending the final completed software to the client. The following sample questionnaire tests the user interface of a software application with respect to the speed, information, navigation, messages in the application, etc.
Sample User Interface questionnaire:
Name of the product/service:        ______________________________
Name of the user:               ______________________________
Phone number:           ______________________________
Email address:                    ______________________________
Fax:                          ______________________________
Address:                    __________________________________________________
Q1. What was your overall rating of the software? Tick the right option that matches closest to your opinion.
a)   It is easy and attractive
b)   It is difficult and non-flexible
c)   It is not user friendly
d)   It was user friendly
e)   Other _______________________________________________________
Q2. Was the information in the software application well-organized?
a)   Yes
b)   No
c)   To a good extent
If you have any suggestions to improve the organization of information in the application, please specify ________________________________________________________
Q3. Did the application software provide you enough suggestions and prompt you towards the right usage?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q4. Was the error messages displayed at the right places and were they helpful?
a)   Yes
b)   No
c)   May be
Q5. Do you need training to use the application software?
a)   Yes
b)   No
If ‘yes’, please mention certain specific areas where you need the training
Q6. Did the application software provide ‘Read me’ notes for guiding the user to use the software?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q7. How would you rate the speed of the application software?
a)   Slow
b)   Very slow
c)   Fast
d)   Too fast
e)   Moderate
Download User Interface Questionnaire in Word Format

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