User Profile Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

A user profile questionnaire can be used for a variety of purposes. The sample below describes a general user profile questionnaire that understands the demographic details of the sample along with the educational abilities. Any user profile questionnaire can be customised according to the end objective needed to develop the questionnaire.

Sample User Profile questionnaire:

Name of the user:               ______________________________
Phone number:           ______________________________
Email address:                    ______________________________
Gender:                     Male / Female
Home Address:           _____________________________________________
Q1. What is your current occupation?
Occupation: _____________________________Company name: ______________________
Q2. What is your level of qualification?
a)   PhD/Research
b)   Post graduation/Diploma
c)   Graduation
d)   Higher Secondary
e)   High School
f)    Other __________________________________________
g)   None
Q3. What technical skills do you possess?
Skill1: _______________________________________________
Skill2: _______________________________________________
Skill3: _______________________________________________
Q4. What languages are you conversant in?
Language1: _____________ Language2: _____________ Language3: _____________
Language4: _____________ Language5: _____________
Q5. What kind of computer knowledge do you possess?
a)   None
b)   Basic computer skills like working with MS Office
c)   Software development skills
d)   Functional and testing skills
e)   Other ___________________________________________________________
Q6. In which range of age do you fall?
a)   < 18 years
b)   Between 18-24 years
c)   Between 25-39 years
d)   Between 40-54 years
e)   >=55 years
Q7. List your strengths and weaknesses below.
Strengths: ___________________________________________________
Weaknesses: _______________________________________________
Q8. How would you describe your learning abilities?
a)   I am a quick learner
b)   I like learning new things in life
c)   I am a slow learner but still find learning new things interesting
d)   I don’t learn soon and find it difficult to grasp new things

Download User Profile Questionnaire in Word Format

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