Vendor Assessment Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

A vendor assessment questionnaire is a programmed set of queries that helps to understand and measure the performance of the concerned vendors working with a particular organization. Such a questionnaire is initiated by the concerned companies to keep an eye on the vendor functioning.

Sample Vendor Assessment Questionnaire:

Name of the vendor association: _______________

Address: ____________________________________

TIN Number: ________________________________

Date of the vendor assessment: ________________

Q1. How long this vendor association is working with the organization?
* More than 1 year
* More than 3 years
* More than 5 years
* Others: _________________
Q2. Choose the category for which the vendor is working?
* Furniture
* Household goods
* Equipments
* Engineering goods
* Others please write: _______________

Q3. Is the vendor targeting the right customer in the market for selling the products?

* Yes
* No
Q4. Is the vendor conducting essential quality programs before selling the goods?
* Yes
* No
Q5. Rate the good storage and maintenance facilities the vendor has maintained within the working place?
* Excellent
* Very good
* Good
* Somewhat satisfactory
* Poor

Q6. Does the vendor follow the inspection and test standards suggested by the organization?

* Yes
* No
Q7. Is the vendor aware about the corrective and preventive measures?
* Yes
* No
Q8. Rate the preservation and delivery facilities the vendor has?
* Outstanding
* Good
* Satisfactory
* Not healthy
Q9. Does the vendor sell non- confirming material as well?
* Yes
* No
Q10. Rate the overall performance level of the vendor?
* Very good
* Good
* Average
* Not so good

Download Vendor Assessment Questionnaire in Word Format

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