Vendor Work Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

A vendor work questionnaire is helpful to understand the work and operations of the vendor. This is to know whether the vendor is adopting the right procedures and conducting work in a safe and healthy environment. Apart from the end product, the client needs to know the vendor operations to make a decision on vendor selection.

Sample Vendor Work questionnaire:

Name of the vendor:   ______________________________
Phone number:   ______________________________
Email address:            ______________________________
Fax:                  ______________________________
Address:            ________________________________________________________
Q1: Please list the products and services being offered by your firm.
Q2. Please list the prices of each of those products and services being offered.
Product1: _________________ Price: ___________________
Product2: _________________ Price: ___________________
Service1: _________________ Price: ___________________
Service2: _________________ Price: ___________________
Q3. Provide the ownership and management details of your firm
Q4. Do you have collaborations and associations with other countries?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q5. If the answer to the above question is ‘yes’, provide the details of those associations
Collaboration1: ________________  Description: ____________________
Collaboration2: _________________ Description: _______________________
Collaboration3: _________________ Description: _____________________
Q6. Do you have any discounts or pricing options with your clients?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q7. If the answer to the above question is ‘yes’, mention the discount or pricing option available.
Q8. Does the firm follow any human resources policies and code of ethics?
a)   Yes
b)   No
If ‘yes’, please mention ______________________________________________
Q9. Do you keep a backup of all the development of products or services?
a)   Yes
b)   No
Q10. Does your firm confirm with all government regulations?
a)   Yes
b)   No

Download Vendor Work Questionnaire in Word Format

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