Sample Web Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

A web questionnaire is a pre-requisite of most clients looking to develop web based projects or websites. They must be framed in a way to evaluate and discern the needs of such clients. The questions is such questionnaires must be precise and to the point.

Sample Web Questionnaire

Name of company: _______________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________
Name of existing website, if any: _______________________________________________
Name of project manager: ___________________________________________
Q1: What is the kind of website you want to develop? What field is it expected to address?
a)   Informative
b)   Educational
c)   Entertainment
d)   Business
e)   Any other (please specify) ________________________________________________
Q2: What is the kind of target audience you seek to communicate with?
a)   Young adults
b)   Business associates
c)   General web surfer
d)   Any other (please specify): ________________________________________________
Q3: What estimated budget do you propose for the finance this project?
Q4: What are your specific designs that you seek to incorporate in this project?
Q5: Do you have anything particularly striking that you would like us to keep in mind while working on your project?
Q6: Mention any additional details like the logo of your company or any particular graphic element that you want us to incorporate in the final design.
Q7: Do have specific criteria regarding accessibility?
a)   Yes( please specify)
b)   No
Q8: How did you find out about our firm?
a)   Word of mouth
b)   Recommended in business circles
c)   Advertisements
d)   Any other source (please specify): ____________________________________________
Q9: Would you prescribe any additions to our existing project outline?
Q10: Any other comments: ____________________________________
Download Sample Web Questionnaire in Word Format

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