Web Based Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

The web based questionnaire is the best possible tool which gives us crystal clear views of the people using the web if they like it or they do not consider it at all. Web based questionnaire gives us the survey overview of people accepting or rejecting any particular aspect of web technology.

Sample Web based Questionnaire

Name of User: ____________________
Age: ___________________________
Contact Number: _______________________
Mail I.D.: __________________________________
Please Mark the Correct Option:
Q1. Are the instructions given while using the web clearly understood?
a. Absolutely
b. They are very difficult for me to understand
c: Sometimes I do catch them but sometimes it just slips past my brain
Q2. Is using the web a good idea or it would have been better without it?
a. obviously using the web is a superior thought
b. work would have been the same without web also
c. partly work is made easier though cannot rely on the web completely
Q3. Dose web using retards imaginative power and makes us a living machine?
a. without a doubt web using totally curbs the imaginative power
b. there is just no link between web using and retrogression of imagination
c. excessive web using do makes us machine like, human with a mechanical mind
Q4. What kind of a web user you are?
1.    I need it everyday
2.    I use it rarely
3.    I do not use it at all.
Q4. How will you rate your web satisfaction out of 10?
1.    0-4
2.    5-8
3.    8-10

Download Web Based Questionnaire in Word Format

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