Web Developer Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

Web Developer Questionnaire is one of the best ways to judge the job satisfaction and interest of a person related to this job. This type of questionnaires is constructed to know the interest of people associated with this job as well as for those who want to join in this type of job.

Sample Web Developer Questionnaire

Name of the employee ___________________________
Current job position ______________________________
Address __________________________________________
Contact No ___________________________    Age _____________
Please mark the correct option.
Q1. What interest you in web developer jobs?
1.    I am passionate about this job and also I have done specialization on it.
2.    It gives a lot of revelation.
3.    Salary is very much attractive compared to other jobs.
4.    Scope of this job is very much high.
Q2. How long would you like to continue this job?
1.    This is just the perfect profession for me which I always wanted to do.
2.    May be for next five to ten years.
3.    It will depend upon my job satisfaction. If I don’t like it I will quit this job within a year.
Q3. Do you think the incentive of this job is sufficient?
1.    Yes, definitely I get good incentives
2.    No, not at all.
3.    Depends.
Q4.  Have you ever been involved in redesigning or planning of a web site before?
1.    Yes.
2.    No.
Q5. If your answer to the previous question is yes, then answer the following question.
What was the estimated budget for that site?
1.    Less than $500
2.    $501 – $1000.
3.    Over $1000.

Download Web Developer Questionnaire in Word Format

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