Web Development Questionnaire

June 30, 2011

A web development questionnaire should be structured in a way as to assess and incorporate the needs of the client company for development of the website so as to avoid any confusion and clash of opinions, and to ensure complete transparency from the very beginning. Such a questionnaire should be comprehensively framed so that all important topics are well covered.

Sample Web Development Questionnaire

Client name: ____________________________________________

Person in charge of this project: ____________________________________________
Q1: Will this present project be a modification of a currently operative site? Or will it involve the launch of a new site?
a)   It will be a redesigning
b)   It will be a new design
Q2: What is the budget you have envisioned for this project?
Q3: What is your vision for this project? What is your purpose in launching a new site or redesigning your existing site?
Q4: Kindly provide your domain name and IP address in the space below:
Q5: What kind of server do you use? Who or which agency will manage your site once it is completed?
Q6: How did you obtain information about us?
a)   Word of mouth
b)   Through company sources
c)   Through our advertisements
d)   Any other source (please specify)
Q7: When do you intend to have your first preview of the modified or created content?
Q8: Who is your primary target audience? How do you intend to market your product?
Q9: What kind of inputs do you want us to incorporate in the wed development project?
Q10: Any further suggestions or comments?
Download Web Development Questionnaire in Word Format

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